10 Sex Positions to Try When It’s Too Hot to Function

Last summer, I lived in a home with no AC, and during the extremely hot and humid periods, my sex life was pretty much nonexistent. Can you blame me? After all, sex is a pretty sweaty and sticky affair on its own—never mind coupled with the heat. I kissed those blissful orgasms goodbye. I learned a valuable lesson from that experience, though: Our sex lives shouldn’t be dictated by the weather, which is why I set out to find the best sex positions to turn to in the summer when it’s hot AF outside. And today, I’m sharing my findings with you.

Below are 10 tested, tried-and-true sex positions to try in the summer. These moves won’t make you work up a sweat and still give you maximum pleasure. So, the next time it feels like it’s too damn hot outside to get it on, turn to one of these summer sex positions to satisfy your needs as well as your partner’s.

1. Doggy Style

Doggy style can feel ahh-mazing for both people, which is why it’s so popular year-round. It’s especially great for hot weather, though, because it minimizes skin-to-skin contact. Oh, and for those with a vulva, it’s a great way to target and stimulate the G-spot. This position works if you’re having sex with someone with a penis, with fingers, or a strap-on.

Have the receiving partner get down on all fours while the penetrating partner kneels behind them and enters from behind. If you want to play around with different angles, you can have the receiver place their chest flat with their arms out forward while keeping their butt in the air, or have them lay their entire body flat with the penetrating partner upright behind them. The options are endless when it comes to doggy style, so don’t be afraid to have fun and get creative with sex positions like this one.

2. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls sex position

If you’ve ever been curious about temperature play or playing around with cool sensations, now’s your chance to explore. Fill a tub with cool (not cold!) water, leaving enough room to safely keep the faucet running without spilling over. Then, have the penetrating partner sit flat with their legs extended out towards the faucet. The receiving partner will then kneel facing the faucet and away from their partner and lean slightly forward, placing their hands on either side of the tub for balance. From there, the penetrating partner can enter from behind and proceed accordingly.

3. Lounging Lioness

Lounging Lioness

If you want to take things slow and get intimate, this is the position for you—just make sure you’re in a private area where others can’t see you. Doing this during or after sunset will be ultra-romantic and give you both something to remember.

Grab a deck chair and have the penetrating partner lie back while the receiving slowly lowers themselves on top with their legs closed to create a tighter feeling and their body slightly forward so both partners are chest-to-chest. This close contact will heighten the sensations and give you both access to the erogenous zones, like the neck, chest, ears, or nipples. Just remember that this position is meant to be savored, and taking your time with it will help you both avoid working up a sweat.

4. X Marks the Spot

sex positions to try in the summer

This move gives you deep penetration and increases your chance of having an internal orgasm because of the angle the penetration is coming from, and the best part is that it requires minimal exertion from the penetrating partner. Find a flat surface—like a bed or table—and have the receiving partner lay flat on their back with their legs in the air crossed at the knees or ankles (whichever is more comfortable). From there, the penetrating partner can use their partner’s legs to pull themselves in deep.

5. Standing Fire Hydrant

Standing Fire Hydrant

Get creative and test your flexibility with this modified version of the fire hydrant sex position. Both you and your partner stay standing for this one, which will allow more air to circulate, so you won’t have to peel yourselves off one another when you’re done.

Find a cool countertop (or flat surface of equivalent height) and have the receiving partner bend over and rest their chest on it, then lift one leg up in the air at a 90-degree angle or as far as they’re comfortable and their flexibility allows. The giving partner will then hold their leg with one hand and place the other on their hip, enter from behind, and get to work.

6. Joystick Joyride

sex positions to try in the summer

If you love being on top but often work up a sweat there, you’ll love this position because it requires less movement and energy exertion. Similar to the cowgirl sex position, the receiver will be on top and the penetrating partner will lie flat on their back. What’s different about this position is the placement of both partners’ hands, arms, and legs—the penetrating partner will relax their arms above their head and the receiving will slide their legs out forward and place their hands on their partner’s shins so they’re leaning back ever-so-slightly. Then, the partner on top can swivel their hips in figure-eight motions, mimicking the movement of a video game joystick.

7. Sideways Straddle

Sideways Straddle sex positions

Being on top can be very empowering because you’re in control of the speed, angle, and depth of penetration if you’re having sex with someone with a penis or a strap-on. That said, this position also works if you’re not having penetrative sex, and can give you tons of clitoral stimulation, which is never a bad thing. Have your partner lie on their back with one leg extended and the other bent at the knee. Straddle their bent leg and lower yourself down on your knees while you’re facing away from them. From here, you can bounce up and down, grind back and forth, swivel your hips… it’s all up to you to decide. Don’t be afraid to test out different movements to find what feels good for you and your partner.

8. Bed Spread

Bed Spread sex positions

This is the perfect position to do in front of a fan or AC if you can because both partners will be able to feel it and keep their temperature down. The receiving partner will place their stomach and chest on a bed with their feet on the floor and their legs spread comfortably. The penetrating partner will stay standing behind them, lifting their partner’s legs just above the knees, and continue to do so while they enter from behind.

9. The Linguini

The Linguini sex positions

Anything that minimizes full-body contact and keeps you and your partner from sticking to one another is ideal for the hot weather. However, despite the minimal skin-to-skin contact and closeness of this position, it can still be really intimate because both partners can look each other in the eye while they’re going at it. The receiving partner lies on their side while the giving partner kneels directly behind their butt with one knee between their legs and leans ever-so-slightly over their partner, using their back to steady themselves as they go in. Of course, if your partner has a penis or is using a strap-on, you’ll want to be the bottom, but if you’re using fingers or having non-penetrative sex, you can be the top or bottom.

10. Standing Dragon

Standing Dragon sex positions

In all honesty, when it comes to sex positions to try in the summer, doggy-style positions are perfect. They feel amazing, minimize bodily contact, and get the job done well. Have the receiving partner get down on all fours on a bed with their partner standing behind them. From there, the penetrating partner will enter from behind and proceed accordingly.

Admittedly, nailing the proper alignment can be a bit tricky with this one (take it from me). If you’re having trouble and have a sectional couch or some couch corner available, have the receiving partner get on all fours facing the couch while the penetrating partner stays standing and enters from behind. This slight tweak can make all the difference in the world, and it’ll still feel the same as it would on a bed.

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