20 Gorgeous Pink and Red Cocktails to Sip on This Valentine’s Day

To quote Leslie Knope from the sitcom Parks and Recreation, “It’s only the best day of the year.” She may have been referring to Galentine’s Day specifically, but I think it applies to Valentine’s Day, too. Regardless of your relationship status, I wholeheartedly believe it’s a holiday for everyone to enjoy. It’s the perfect time to celebrate those you love—your significant other, your best friends, and even yourself—and what a more fun way to celebrate than with a Valentine’s-themed cocktail? Whether you’re having a date night in, hosting the ultimate Galentine’s party, or romanticizing an evening by yourself, read on for 20 pink and red Valentine’s Day cocktails that you’re sure to love.

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I think we can all agree that champagne is the unofficial beverage of Valentine’s Day. So what better to sip on than a cocktail made with champagne? Raspberry simple syrup, vodka, and champagne combine to make a perfect drink to celebrate the day of love.

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This frozen pink drink is quick and easy to whip up for your Galentine’s Day party. Simply blend up a bottle of rosé with frozen strawberries, lemon juice, and honey for a delicious and refreshing beverage. Serve with pink treats for the ultimate girls’ night celebration.

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Consider this a modern take on the classic cocktail that dates all the way back to the 1800s. Pomegranate simple syrup gives it a fun twist and adds a touch of sweetness to the drink. Enjoy this cocktail along with a savory dinner or as a nightcap to end the evening.

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TikTok has been flooded lately with videos of people making candy salad, AKA a mix of all the pink and red candy you can find. What better drink to serve with Valentine’s Day candy than a pink shot flavored like a strawberry Starburst? Creamy, sweet, and a little sour, this boozy beverage is a fun way to enjoy the holiday.

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Whether you’re celebrating your love for your friends, yourself, or your special someone, this love potion cocktail is the perfect drink. Combine raspberry vodka, strawberry gin, strawberry juice, and sweet and sour mix to create this tasty, Valentine’s Day-themed beverage.

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Similar to a bloody Mary, this cocktail combines vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and lime juice for a spicy Valentine’s Day treat. Shuck some oysters for a fun date night activity and serve them alongside these savory shooters (the fact that oysters are an aphrodisiac is just a bonus).

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You’ll need some raspberry sorbet and pink champagne to create this gorgeous Valentine’s Day cocktail. Simply add a couple of scoops of sorbet to a coupe glass, then top with some bubbly rosé to create a fun cocktail that’s as pretty as it is delicious.

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A hot pink drink for Valentine’s Day? I can’t think of anything more appropriate. Whether you use fresh or frozen blueberries, this drink is easy to make and even easier to enjoy.

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Who says you have to wait until Taco Tuesday to enjoy a margarita? Mix up a batch of this delicious cocktail flavored with guava nectar to sip on with your special someone or your galentines.

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It may not be spring or summer quite yet, but this refreshing cocktail will make it feel like it’s sunny and 75. To make this drink, prepare watermelon juice by blending watermelon chunks until smooth, then pour the mixture over a mesh sieve. Muddle mint leaves, cucumber, and simple syrup before combining with the gin and watermelon juice, serve over ice, and enjoy.

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What would Valentine’s Day be without a little chocolate? Satisfy your sweet tooth with this rich and creamy cocktail made with Godiva chocolate. Drinks and dessert all in one!

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Made with Malibu rum, this cocktail blends tropical, tangy flavors with the classic taste of pink lemonade. Want to dress this drink up? Top it off with edible flower ice cubes made with roses, pansies, and violets.

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If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing cocktail for your Valentine’s party, look no further. A combination of pomegranate juice and grapefruit seltzer topped with Empress Gin gives this drink its beautiful pink-to-purple gradient effect.

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Skip the chocolate-covered strawberries this Valentine’s Day and serve this creamy, fruity cocktail instead (or have both!). Baileys and vodka give this drink a boozy kick, while the addition of heavy cream provides a milkshake-like consistency that makes this concoction seem more like a dessert than a beverage.

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If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day cocktails that will impress your guests, gin and elderflower liquor are a winning combination. The ingredients of this drink are simple, and the addition of a homemade raspberry syrup gives it that beautifully bright hue.

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This drink combines sake, ginger ale, and muddled cherries to create an easy yet unexpected cocktail. Order in your favorite sushi for the perfect night in by yourself, with your valentine, or with your girlfriends.

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Hosting a Valentine’s Day brunch? This is the perfect drink to serve. All you need is strawberries, simple syrup, and prosecco to make a cocktail that’ll have your guests requesting a refill (or two).

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If you’re hosting a party this Valentine’s Day, this is the perfect cocktail to make in a large batch. It only takes 10 minutes to make and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Garnish with a sugar rim and lime wedge and enjoy!

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A springtime take on a classic cocktail, this drink mixes the sweet and sour flavors of rhubarb, lime, sugar, and rum. Want to turn this drink into a mocktail? Just nix the rum and add in club soda to turn it into a refreshing beverage everyone can enjoy.

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If you’re looking to have a relaxing night in this Valentine’s Day, try out this botanical beverage made with fresh lavender. The scent of lavender is known to have calming properties, so this is the perfect drink if you want to spend a quiet night alone or unwind with your loved one.

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