7 Underrated Pleasure Points That Can Lead to Massive Orgasms

I’ve said it before and it begs repeating: When it comes to pleasure and intimacy, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We know that stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, or penis are not the only ways to reach an earth-shattering orgasm, but… what else can we stimulate? I’ve found myself asking that question a lot recently, not just for my personal sex life, but for the work I do on set as an intimacy coordinator. I mean, nipples are one of the most underestimated erogenous zones for many people regardless of gender, and nipple play is great. But that can’t be all, right? Correct.

I dove into my resources (the internet, my education, and the minds of my mentors) and realized that there are so many erogenous zones on our bodies that we’re all overlooking. Ahead, I’m sharing seven that can take orgasms to the next level.

1. The inner wrist

Your inner wrist is particularly sensitive because the skin is thin. Most of us aren’t used to being touched there—at least not sensually—which can make unexpected contact exciting. Wrists have plenty of nerve endings and sit at a pulse point. When your pulse quickens as arousal peaks, you can feel that right there in your wrist, making the sensation even more intimate.

Try gently caressing your partner’s inner wrist, or place soft kisses from their fingertips on up. This pleasure point is particularly exciting in public—think about setting the tone for what’s to come with an innocent yet extremely intimate and deliberate touch. The inner wrist as a pleasure point is seen occasionally in period romance media (think Bridgerton, for example) when it’s imperative to get creative and sneaky about your intentions. You can also introduce a bit of kink or power play by consensually restraining your partner by the wrists or introducing bondage with silk ropes or handcuffs.

2. The sacrum

Sometimes known as the “small of the back,” the sacrum is a powerful pleasure center. Sexologist Dr. Jess O’Reilly explains that some people even find their lower back to be the most sensitive area of their body. The nerves in this portion of the spine are directly connected to the vagina, and stimulating it with pressure, kisses, and stroking may even result in “orgasmic sensations” for women, says Dr. Jess. At the very least, experimenting with touch and varying sensations on the small of the back for both partners is a great way to enhance pleasure across the board. I mean, who doesn’t love a good back massage?

If you’re feeling adventurous, the sacrum is another area to try out ice cubes, wax, and toys for maximum sexual pleasure. Experiment and find what feels good to you and your partner, as it may differ between pleasure points.

3. The scalp

The scalp is full of nerve endings. A light hair tug or brush of the hair is enough to send chills through your entire body. We’ve all been in the salon chair praying the shampoo and rinse never ends because it feels that good. Try sweet caresses on your partner’s scalp, and play with their hair throughout the day, continuing when it’s time to get intimate.

In the same way, fingernails across the top of our head might feel calming and amazing, and so can a hair pull (if you’re into that). Professor of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, James Linden, writes in his book Touch about the connection between pleasure and pain. Humans can sometimes enjoy pain through the relief we experience when it ends, and sex is no different. Studies show that pain and pleasure activate the same parts of the mind. Is it something everyone wants during sexy time? Of course not. However, the connection between the two can be strong.

The scalp is a great place to test the theory with some hair-pulling—safely, of course! As you begin, only grab hair from the back of the head or the crown, never hair growing from the sides or front of the head. Get close to the scalp and grab plenty of hair—the closer you are to the root and the more hair in your handful, the more comfortable it will be. Start with a loose grip, and check in with your partner as you tighten.

4. The inner thighs

While this one may seem pretty obvious, the inner thighs are often forgotten about as a deeply erogenous zone. It’s easy to want to skip to the main event and go straight for the penis or vagina; however, you’re doing yourself (and your partner) a disservice. The inner thighs also have multiple nerve endings and are very close to the genitals. These facts, combined with the vulnerability of an area that is typically covered or hidden make inner thighs incredibly intimate.

Kissing, nibbling, and sucking on the skin in this area is a great way to tease your partner before oral sex, but be gentle until you know what your partner likes. Try running your fingertips down or up the inner thigh before going in with your mouth, but don’t stop there! Gently caress your partner’s thigh while you go down on them. The mixture of intense genital stimulation and feather-light touch on an erogenous zone is sure to do wonders.

5. The palm and fingertips

It’s no secret that the hands are the part of the body that is the most sensitive to touch. Think about the many ways your fingers and palms inform you about the world you live in, and then translate that to intimate touch.

You can tickle your partner’s hand in yours and tickle their palm with your index finger or trace naughty desires instead! Suck lightly on each of their fingertips while maintaining eye contact, or add a little finger-in-mouth action during intercourse. The options are truly endless—whatever feels good to you both is fair game. Bonus points if you use your partner’s hand to show them exactly how you like to be touched. They’re touching you while you touch them… which is sexy AF.

6. The ears

Each ear has 25,000 nerve endings translating sound waves from vibrations into electrical impulses at every moment. These nerve endings make ears surprisingly sensitive. Has someone ever whispered something sexy in your ear and made you melt? It could be what they said, and it could also be that they said anything at all. Whispering into your partner’s ear during sex can stimulate those nerve endings and enhance feelings of intimacy—so brush up on that dirty talk to take advantage of this erogenous zone.

You can also try physical stimulation like light nibbling on the earlobes or massaging, kissing, and sucking around the other areas of the ear. The vagus nerve, the main nerve of our parasympathetic nervous system, controls involuntary functions and is connected to vaginal orgasms. This nerve extends into the ear, and massaging this nerve can sometimes create a euphoric sensation similar to orgasm. Don’t go shoving items into your ears though—your ear drums are very sensitive and easy to damage. Instead, go slow and try some outer ear stimulation. Make sure you communicate with your partner, though, because nobody wants a wet willy out of context!

7. The navel and lower stomach

The belly button, otherwise known as the navel, is an oddly powerful erogenous zone regardless of gender. Poking inside or around a belly button can lead to electric and erotic sensations, likely due to the navel and genitals sharing common tissue. For some people, this sensation may feel like a pleasant tickle in your genitals that turns you on, and for some, the sensation may be too intense. I’m super ticklish in a way that doesn’t connect to pleasure, so navel and lower stomach stimulation aren’t my MO. However, I love kissing around my partner’s navel and down their lower stomach to heat things up—pleasure isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

The lower stomach and public bones are susceptible to sensation because they are located just above the genitals. Some teasing with tongue, teeth, and even temperature play are great ways to bring these areas into foreplay!

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