Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United doesn’t work for either party

Both sides had high expectations when Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United in 2021.

The prodigal son made his dramatic return to Old Trafford to help turn the tide in a struggling club.

He showed glimpses of his goal-scoring prowess during his first season back but his return has eventually flattered to deceive, and now Ronaldo and Manchester United seem to be at odds.

Before the season began, the superstar tried to leave United. The relationship hit a new low on Sunday in United’s 0-0 draw against Newcastle. Ronaldo was replaced by Marcus Rashford after 72 minutes.

Although the Portuguese striker seemed unhappy after Erik ten Hag hooked him off, his performance was just as disappointing as it had been lackluster

This was a good example of Ronaldo’s form at United, as he managed just one league goal in a season that saw him mostly playing substitute

Ten Hag said to reporters, “We have four games to cover in 10 days” when asked about his decision not to remove Ronaldo.

“I want them to be fresh so we need to rotate.”

Ronaldo’s expectations were probably unrealistic.

He is undoubtedly a weak force, and no club should place all its hopes on him at 37 – regardless of how fit they are.

Ronaldo, who once bullied defenders and took down almost every chance that came his way with his bullying tactics, is now often caught offside. He seems to be struggling to find the talisman talent that once made him so popular.

The incident was summarized by a desperate effort against Newcastle. Ronaldo took the ball from Nick Pope and rolled it into an empty net before the shot-stopper could even take a freekick. For arguing with the referee, he was given a yellow card.

Ten Hag has found Ronaldo’s poor form to be a problem. The Dutchman was given the task of creating a new era in Old Trafford. He has begun to implement a new style.

He’s had to adjust his philosophy to fit the players he has at his disposal. It’s easy to see that Ronaldo is not untouchable and that Rashford and Anthony Martial are his preferred strike options when they’re available.

Ronaldo missed pre-season because he attempted to get a move away from United. He can’t press the opposition the same way as others, which is an important part of United’s game plan. The issue of Ronaldo’s age and the fact that clubs can’t rebuild around a target man 37 years old is another problem.

“I want him to be as successful as possible.” When asked about Ronaldo, the Dutch coach said that there are certain requirements for players.

“I want him to be the best, he is in better condition now and that’s what I love. It was obvious at the beginning that it was (a lack of fitness). But, once again, you can’t miss a preseason.

Ronaldo’s decline in form was exposed before Sunday’s match when he received an award for reaching 700 club goal milestones in his long-storied career.

He was once a formidable force in the club, but he now has to adjust to his new role with a team that seems to have outgrown the need to keep him there.

This is no small feat for a five-time Balon d’Or winner. Unfortunately for United, it means that no dressing room can function well if its most prominent star is not happy.

However, Ronaldo’s goal-scoring ability is not yet fully extinguished.

He would have probably buried a last-minute header if he had been there against Newcastle.

Manchester United cannot let go of what is arguably the greatest goal-scorer in the history of the game.

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