Dr. Brown’s bottles are the go-to for this feeding expert and mom. Here’s why

Before becoming a parent, the idea that there’s a “right” bottle to use seems foreign. Isn’t every bottle and nipple the same? But once you enter the world of bottles, feeding and developmental changes, you soon realize that feeding your baby can be much more complicated.

Picking the right bottle can be a game-changer for your little one, easing the transition from breast to bottle feeding, and might just be the secret weapon against tummy troubles. Here’s the scoop from feeding expert and mama Eliscia Wisner, OTR/L, CLC, on why bottle choice matters and why Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic Options Plus bottles top her list.

More flow rate and nipple options than any other bottle on the market

Each baby is unique, and so is their eating pace. Flow rate means how fast the milk or formula moves from the bottle nipple to your baby’s mouth. A flow rate that’s too fast can overwhelm your little one, leading to spit-up, reflux and digestive discomfort. It can also throw off their all-important suck-swallow-breathe coordination, so a slower-flow nipple is ideal for newborns with tiny tummies still getting the hang of feeding. Plus, breastfed babies who don’t have to work as hard at the bottle may start preferring the bottle if the flow is too fast.

As your baby grows, they’ll start to develop a stronger suck and can handle a higher flow rate. Dr. Brown’s bottles offer a variety of nipple options, starting with preemie and level 1, all the way up to Y-cut for thicker liquids, so you can find the perfect fit for your little one at each stage of their feeding.

Supports an effective and efficient latch

Another critical piece of the best bottle puzzle is a nipple that supports a baby’s natural latch. Wisner loves that Dr. Brown’s nipple is tapered, helping the baby have a deeper, more effective latch and making it easier to go between breast and bottle. It’s also ideal for letting your partner or other caregivers take on some feeding so you can get a break.

Anti-colic vent for happier bellies

Dr. Brown’s bottles have a unique anti-colic vent that helps prevent air from mixing with the milk or formula. If too much air gets into the milk or formula, it can upset your baby’s stomach and even impact nutritional quality.

The internal vent system keeps air from the milk, reducing reflux, colic and gas (all miserable for mama and baby). It also means a more consistent flow rate to help your baby pace themselves and make feeding more comfortable. Wisner also likes that you can skip the vent insert if your baby doesn’t have these problems, making it fully customizable to each baby’s needs.From the very first bottle to the transition to sippy cups (it happens faster than you think), Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Anti-Colic Options Plus Newborn Set  keeps you ready for the entire first year with options that grow with your baby.

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Eliscia Wisner, OTR/L, CLC, founder of the Feeding Company, is a licensed occupational therapist and certified lactation counselor with a passion for infant feeding.

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