Grant Industries: In-Cos ingredient launch insights

At the recent In-Cosmetics Global event, Naomi Bedford, Grant Industries’ Marketing Manager, spoke with CosmeticsDesign to share insights into their recently released trio of bio-based solutions for personal care products. 

In an exclusive interview, Bedford shed light on the company’s latest launches, signaling a shift towards greener, more sustainable skincare formulations. Among the highlights were the introduction of a new bio-based elastomer, a new retinoid, and a plant-based alternative to traditional retinoids, a bakuchiol ester. During the discussion, she shared a look into the R&D process behind the ingredients and a deeper understanding of how these innovations fit into current market trends like improved efficacy and green beauty. 

The unveiling of these innovations marks a significant milestone for Grant Industries. Here’s a closer look at each breakthrough:

Bio-based elastomer​: As explained by Bedford, Grant Industries’ latest bio-based elastomer offers skincare formulators a sustainable alternative without compromising on performance. Derived from renewable sources, this elastomer promises enhanced texture, stability, and sensory appeal in cosmetic formulations. The ingredient was launched in response to the demand for formulators moving away from silicones. 

Revolutionary retinoid​: Building on their commitment to innovation, Grant Industries introduced a cutting-edge retinoid ingredient. With potent anti-aging properties and gentle yet effective action, this retinoid promises visible results without the irritation often associated with traditional retinoids.

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