Hilarious TikTok shows what every dad is like when prom dress shopping with his daughter

For most dads, things involving fashion and mall trips are generally relegated to the girls. While there are plenty of stylish dads out there, teen girls tend to want to go with, you know, their friends when they shop for things like prom dresses. But a hilarious TikTok video perfectly captures exactly what happens when a dad does tag along on a prom dress shopping trip, and we cannot stop giggling.

The video starts with the daughter protesting her dad’s presence at the mall.

“Dad, you didn’t have to come with us to get prom dresses,” she says.

He answers, in true dad style, “Yes I did. I got to make sure you get something with some class, that ain’t showing all your assets, you know what I mean?”

He then grabs a dress covered in glittering pink sequins.

“You don’t like this one? You could be just like Tina Turner! Do you even know who Tina Turner is?”

When his daughter says no, he shakes his head in disappointment.

“I’m putting it back.”

His next suggestion is a pink polyester dress with long sleeves and attached flowers.

“This is what they used to wear back in the ’60s. They got all of the grandfathers with this,” he says.

“That’s why granny got it in her closet!” his daughter shoots back.

“And she’s married,” he answers. “Happily.”

Of course, a dad’s presence on a prom dress shopping trip would not be complete without some price comparisons. He checks price tags on one dress and asks his daughter, “You don’t like these dresses? It’s only $36. The only reason you don’t like it is because it’s cheap, huh?”

When she tells him she wants to wear red, of course he answers, “Let’s find a red one that’s $36.”

At the end of the video, when they finally find the dress, she subtly steers him away from the price. But of course he finds out anyway.

“$300?! For a dress for one day?!” he says. “If I get this dress, you’re wearing this dress for the prom, Easter, going to get gas — you’re wearing this everywhere.” 

He then adds, “You got a job interview, you’re wearing this. When are you going to start working? You’re taking too long.”

Dads, never change.

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