Is Prequel’s Affordable Skincare Too Good To Be True? I Put It To the Test

Nothing makes me happier than a skincare routine that leaves me hydrated and glowing, but as an eczema sufferer, my skin is more sensitive than most. I’ve tried hundreds of products over the years, and almost all of them left my skin red, flaky, and dull, so you can imagine how leery introducing a new product to my routine makes me. But one brand recently piqued my interest: Prequel.

Developed by board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Sam Ellis, Prequel’s products are made with all skin types and conditions in mind. “My goal with Prequel was to create a line of products that can be used before you ever need to see a dermatologist. Things that can help keep your skin healthy in the long term,” Dr. Ellis says on their website. With such affordable price points, I couldn’t help but wonder if their products are too good to be true. In the name of research, I’ve been testing out Prequel’s products on my sensitive skin. Here are my honest thoughts:

As much as I love petroleum jelly products, I rarely reach for them during the day because they’re so heavy-duty and take so long to absorb—but Skin Utility Ointment is essentially the mid-weight version of a petroleum jelly product. Formulated with 45 percent petrolatum, Prequel’s shielding polymer, and α-bisabolol, it promises to heal and repair the skin while locking in moisture, without leaving behind a greasy feeling. Plus, it’s suitable for all skin types, has the National Eczema Association’s seal of approval, and is recognized by the National Psoriasis Foundation.

Since my hands and lips are constantly cracking and bleeding, I decided to try this out on those two areas first. True to its promise, Skin Utility Ointment locked in moisture and quickly relieved my irritated skin. While it does feel greasy at first, it absorbs into the skin in a blink, and the lightweight formula leaves behind no residue whatsoever. Although it hasn’t replaced my petroleum-based products completely, I love applying it throughout the day as needed. Whenever my face is in need of a pick-me-up, I’ll add a drop into my moisturizer and apply it for long-lasting hydration.

I know I’m technically supposed to wash my face morning and night, but I often skip it and opt for a rinse with lukewarm water instead. In truth, cleansers just dry out my skin too much, and it takes forever to restore my moisture barrier once it’s compromised. But unlike other cleansers, this one leaves my skin feeling soft and supple after use—something I credit to humectant-rich, skin-softening ingredients like glycerin, arginine, oat extract, and aloe. This formula is also suitable for all skin types and those with eczema and rosacea—plus, it can be used on the face or body.

What’s more, I absolutely love the texture, which can best be described as a smooth, milky jelly. Plus, a little goes a long way—one drop is really all you need to remove stubborn eye and face makeup and cleanse the skin. This product has been a major game-changer in my routine, and I can’t wait to use it until the very last drop.

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This moisturizer is made with 10 percent urea, shea butter, glycerin, and niacinamide to smooth, tone, and nourish the face and body. It’s also fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and allergy-tested, so it’s safe for all skin types, including sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

As the namesake suggests, the formula truly feels like milk and goes onto the skin like liquid silk. While the mid-weight texture isn’t always ideal for the days my skin is in dire need of hydration—like during the winter or after a day in the sun—it’s perfect for the days it needs a little pick-me-up. My favorite way to use this moisturizer is on my hands periodically throughout the day since it prevents them from drying out. Likewise, whenever my go-to facial moisturizer isn’t cutting it, I’ll apply a thin layer of this on top for instant hydration and glow.

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Although vitamin C is known for its anti-aging and brightening properties, I and all my other sensitive skin gals can attest that it isn’t the best ingredient for our skin type. For us, it can cause a myriad of skin woes, like irritation and redness, which is why I tend to stay away from it. But because I’m a sucker for a good anti-aging product, I decided to fully trust in Dr. Ellis and Prequel and risk it all by applying a layer underneath moisturizer before bed one night.

I’ve used my fair share of anti-aging products in the past, but very few have blown me out of the water like this serum. To my utter delight (and surprise, if I’m being honest), I woke up glowing to the gods. Not only did my skin look dewy and supple, but it also felt firm to the touch. Although it is a little drying on my skin, using it one to three times per week in tandem with a heavy-duty moisturizer, like Skin Utility Ointment, seems to do the trick. Overall, my skin’s been more glowy and firmer, and that is something I credit to this serum.

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I have a love-hate relationship with mineral sunscreen. On the one hand, I love how it’s fast-acting and often doubles as a moisturizer; on the other, it can leave a white cast that makes you look like a ghost. However, Prequel’s version is semi-transparent and lightweight, with a peachy hue that blends into the skin for a natural radiant glow.

In my humble opinion, the formula is where this sunscreen truly shines. I love how easily it blends and the way it instantly makes skin look nourished, radiant, and glowing. Sadly, it didn’t perfectly match my neutral undertone, but I found that mixing it in with my foundation did the trick. I plan on using this religiously on the days I wear makeup to protect my skin against harmful UV rays until the very last drop.

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I love a good facial spray, and Universal Skin Solution goes above and beyond the ones I’ve used in the past. On top of refreshing, soothing, and moisturizing the skin, this spray also cleanses and purifies to improve texture, alleviate redness and itchiness, and clear congestion—the latter being a huge win for a year-round allergy sufferer living in a condo with electric heat (the worst). I also love how it’s pH stabilized and safe for all skin types, so I can use it as needed without worry. With an under-$20 price point, I’d say this product is a huge win.

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Formulated with dimethicone, shea butter, cica, and Prequel’s lipid complex, believe me when I tell you, this is a product everyone with dry skin needs in their life. The formula is rich and moisturizing, and I love how it works as an occlusive to lock in moisture while providing a lightweight feel. Personally, I love wearing this underneath makeup; not only does it work great as a primer, but it also keeps my skin nourished and hydrated all day long. Plus, the balm’s design makes it ideal for carrying with you on the go for an extra dose of moisture wherever, and whenever.

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Formulated with dimethicone, shea butter, cica, and Prequel’s lipid complex, believe me when I tell you this is the balm every dry skin queen needs in their life. The formula is rich and moisturizing AF, and I love how it works as an occlusive to lock in moisture while providing a lightweight feel. Personally, I love wearing this underneath makeup. Not only does it work great as a primer, but it also keeps my skin nourished and hydrated all day long. Plus, the balm’s design makes it ideal for carrying with you on-the-go for an extra dose of moisture wherever, whenever.

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Source: Prequel Skincare

I have a hard time trusting products that claim to relieve itching and irritation because most of them don’t deliver what they promise to my dry skin and eczema—so you can imagine my surprise when this cream actually worked. Unlike other over-the-counter eczema creams, this one nourished my dry patches and kept my skin moisturized all day long. Likewise, it also alleviated the annoying itchiness I’ve been experiencing from my eczema.

In all honesty, the blend of colloidal oatmeal, multi-ceramide blend, allantoin, and adenosine in this product works almost as well as my prescription steroid ointment. Steroid ointments should be used sparingly since they can thin and bleach the skin, so I’m thrilled that I found a product that’ll help control my flare-ups and can be used daily without worry.

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I often get called out for overwashing my hands, but I can’t help that I like clean hands. Unsurprisingly, this excessive washing does me no favors in the eczema department, and slathering petroleum jelly on them right before bed has always been my tried and true antidote. So you can imagine how happy I was when I found Hand Wrap—a hand lotion made to prevent moisture loss.

Hand Wrap is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and eczema-prone skin, and basically acts as a shield against moisture loss—even after washing your hands—by creating a flexible film on the skin. While it sounds too good to be true, I can tell you it’s anything but. Since using this product, my hands have been smooth consistently (a rare feat), and the cracks in them from my eczema have gone away completely. This lotion is truly unlike anything I’ve used before, and I can’t imagine ever going without it again.

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For some reason, my feet are incapable of staying moisturized. No matter what I do or how hard I try, they’re constantly cracked and chafing. However, with warm weather on the horizon, I’ve been on the lookout for a product that might relieve my feet woes. Enter Foot Rescue: Prequel’s restorative foot treatment. And I have to say, this might be the best foot cream I’ve ever tried.

Formulated with 15 percent pure urea, salicylic acid, malic acid, and petrolatum, this ointment gently exfoliates, softens, and hydrates rough, dry, and cracked feet while simultaneously sealing in moisture. I’ve been applying this daily and covering my feet with socks after application to lock in moisture, and I’ve already noticed improvement. Even though this works as an exfoliant, the formula isn’t rough and doesn’t dry out my skin. Instead, it gently gets rid of my dry skin while locking in moisture. Needless to say, this is a new staple in my skincare regimen.

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Similar to Prequel’s Skin Utility Ointment, this gel acts as an occlusive to seal in hydration and repair the skin’s moisture barrier. The formula contains 20 percent glycerin and Prequel’s bioactive soothing complex, and while I’m usually not a fan of gel moisturizers, I must admit this one impressed me. Not only is it super lightweight and easy to wear, but it’s also non-irritating and safe to use from head to toe. Although I won’t be reaching for this one regularly during the cold weather, I can’t wait to wear it during the hot and humid months when my skin is naturally more moisturized.

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I wear socks to bed all year round, and since my feet are in dire need of hydration, I was so excited to try this product. Made with 100 percent SEBS gel and infused with lavender, jojoba, olive, and grapeseed oils, these socks were made to restore dry, cracked feet. They can be worn alone or in tandem with Foot Rescue, are also washable and reusable, and can typically be worn up to a dozen times.

I’m obsessed with how these socks feel. The gel formula is cooling and refreshing, and the way these socks are designed truly allows for optimal results. While I love wearing them and letting them work their magic with Foot Rescue overnight, I’ve also been wearing them for a few hours throughout the day as well and have noticed a huge improvement. My feet feel so much softer, and the cracks and roughness are improving slowly but surely. And for a spa-worthy foot treatment for just $20, you really can’t go wrong.

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The Verdict

Although I went into this skeptical, I have come out a believer. Not only are Prequel’s products affordable, but I love how the entire brand is formulated with a wide range of skin conditions and types in mind. While I’m obsessed with Skin Utility Balm, Hand Wrap, Foot Rescue, and Lucent-C Brightening Vitamin C Serum, every product is a home run. There’s no better feeling than knowing you can trust a skincare brand, and Prequel will forever have a loyal user in me.

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