Jaguar I-Pace driver arrested as JLR, police and DVSA investigate "runaway EV" incident

A man from Bolton has been arrested a week after after a “runaway” Jaguar I-Pace electric car had to be boxed in by police on the M62 to force it to a stop.

The incident on the afternoon of March 6, in which the driver claimed the I-Pace accelerated out of control and wouldn’t slow down, led to the start of investigations by police, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency plus Jaguar Land Rover, which makes the I-Pace.

Now Merseyside Police said a man has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and causing a public nuisance while its investigation continues.

The incident lasted for almost half an hour after the driver called police claiming the Jaguar’s brakes wouldn’t respond, leading to police vehicles escorting it from M58 onto the M57 and then the M62 where they boxed it in. A convoy of police cars were formed around the car, in front, behind, and alongside him, and eventually the car slowed as it bumped into the leading police car.

Officers had closed off two lanes of the four-lane motorway so that they could bring it to a stop as safely as possible.

A Merseyside Police spokesperson said: “We can confirm that following an investigation, a man has been arrested in relation to an incident on the M62 on Wednesday 6 March when officers from the force’s Roads Policing Unit were called to help stop a vehicle safely.

Immediately after the incident the driver told the Mail Online that “the car literally just started speeding up.” 

He added: “I couldn’t press the brakes. The speed was going towards about 100mph in the high 90s, going to 100. I thought this was a bit wrong.”

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