Lookers graduate programme targets next generation of industry leaders

Lookers has launched a 24-month graduate management programme designed to fast-track graduates to senior leadership positions in the car dealer group.

This comprehensive rotational programme immerses participants in all facets of the business, offering an opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the automotive industry by blending hands-on experience with strategic career planning.

The programme is structured to ensure participants acquire a broad and practical understanding of the industry. Participants will attend workshops aimed at enhancing both personal and professional skills, providing a solid foundation for career growth.

Graduates will benefit from continuous guidance and support from experienced mentors throughout the programme which also offers interaction with senior leaders, other professionals, and fellow graduates.

Graduates will engage in meaningful projects aligned with workplace needs, contributing to skills development and the commercial success of the business.

Participants begin their journey by gaining insights into the overall business operations. Exposure to departments such as human resources, IT, risk & compliance, and finance will provide a solid understanding of the company’s backbone functions and help graduates identify their preferred business area.

During the sales rotation, participants will work closely with sales advisors, admin, business managers, and fleet teams. this rotation offers the chance to explore various roles within the sales department.

 In the aftersales, parts, and servicing rotation, graduates will collaborate with service and parts advisors, vehicle technicians, and aftersales managers. This hands-on experience in the aftersales department will reveal potential career paths and growth opportunities.

Participants will also gain exposure to critical departments such as marketing, customer experience and complaints, and performance management for sales and aftersales. This rotation will stress the importance of central operations in supporting dealership success.

Upon completing the rotations, graduates can express their interest in a specific business area, focusing on management functions which will allow participants to deepen their expertise and gain valuable experience in their chosen field.

The Lookers Graduate Management Programme offers numerous benefits, including tailored sessions that provide practical advice aligned with individual career interests, and engagement in projects that develop skills and contribute to Lookers’ success.

Lookers said continuous support and opportunities to build lasting professional relationships will be a hallmark of the programme with exceptional performance rewarded with opportunities for international travel.

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