Navigating retail’s future: Tech & beauty consumer engagement

This month, personalized Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) brand experience platform Revieve released its latest report, “Navigating Retail’s Future: Connecting Dots for Success in 2023 and Beyond.” The report focuses on top retail trends in person and online and offers comprehensive “highlights for strategies and technologies that are reshaping customer engagement within the beauty industry​,” said Sampo Parkkinen, CEO of Revieve. 

CosmeticsDesign spoke to Parkkinen for his insights into critical takeaways from the report, the report’s most surprising findings, and the best applications for the report’s findings for manufacturers and suppliers to the cosmetics and personal care product industries. 

The report & key takeaways

To compile the report, the Revieve team collected data “through a meticulous process involving access to industry insights and collaboration with various brands and retailers​,” said Parkkinen. The data was then analyzed into findings that are a “comprehensive analysis, incorporating information obtained from Revieve’s partnerships with brands, ensuring a rich and diverse dataset that contributes to the depth and credibility of the report​,” he explained.

These results are particularly significant to the beauty and personal care product industries because “beauty manufacturers and ingredient suppliers that invest in innovative tech solutions and foster a culture of adaptability will be well-positioned to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of 2023 and beyond​,” he explained. 

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