Q&A: Beauty brand Lash Therapy Australia discusses how to go viral on social media

For many beauty brands with a marketing strategy that is heavily focused on social media promotion, the goal is to create and produce content that goes viral. Much like the spread of an actual virus, viral content is shared swiftly throughout social media users to extend the reach of a piece of content to as many viewers as possible to reach the maximum amount of potential audience members.

Recently, CosmeticsDesign sat down with Lash Therapy Australia co-founders Lauren Rugolo, Emma Spiliopoulos and Jessica Arthur to discuss their success on social media, including how they have experienced exponential growth through their viral marketing campaigns to help achieve international brand reach and market penetration.

CDU: How did you set about creating a viral social media strategy?

Jessica Arthur (JA)​: I would say that from the beginning of our business, before we’d even launched, we’d seen other Australian brands and global brands grow their business tremendously through the power of TikTok. From the beginning it was something that we knew we wanted to focus on.

We tried out so many different strategies. It was just a real hit and miss, and we followed what was trending at the moment. We tried this and that, and we even gave ASMR a go as well as some behind the scenes posts. We just kept trying until something hit. Really it was just trial and error.

CDU: When you went viral, how did it actually happen? When did you know and what was the content?

Lauren Rugolo (LR)​: As Jess said, we tried different types of content and then we posted a before and after image showing the results from our lash serum, and that video basically went viral from there. From that, we learned that was the best type of content for us.

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