Robert Pattinson gushes about his 3-month-old daughter and how he’s ‘already’ discovering her ‘personality’

It sounds like Robert Pattinson is adjusting just fine to being a new dad. The Twilight actor welcomed his first baby with his fiancée, Suki Waterhouse, three months ago. And while attending the Dior Homme Menswear Spring/Summer 2025 show in Paris earlier this month, Pattinson was caught on camera opening up about being a dad, watching his infant daughter grow, and loving who his baby is already becoming.

“[Having a baby] makes you feel very old and very young,” Pattinson joked in a clip that’s now been making the rounds on social media. 

After telling an interviewer that he was only staying in Paris for one day because he needs to “get back to the baby,” Pattinson added, “She’s so cute. You know, I’m amazed by how quickly their personality comes. So even at three months, I’m like, ‘Oh… I can kinda see who she is already.”

It’s very cute to hear Pattinson talking so excitedly about being a dad, especially since he and Waterhouse have been pretty private about that part of their lives so far. In fact, they didn’t even make a formal announcement about their baby’s birth (and haven’t revealed many details publicly, like her name). We found out that they’d had a baby when photos were published in The Daily Mail showing the couple pushing a pink stroller while they took a walk together in Los Angeles back in March.

A month after that, Waterhouse posted the first public picture of their baby on Instagram, alongside the sweet caption, “welcome to the world angel ❤️.”

She also revealed at Coachella that the baby was a girl.

Pattinson and Waterhouse have been dating since 2018, and a source close to them told People magazine in late 2023 that they plan on tying the knot, though they haven’t confirmed that themselves.

“They are engaged. They both want to be married. It’s important for them,” the source said in December of last year.

They’ve kept a lot of their relationship out of the public eye, though Waterhouse revealed her pregnancy onstage while performing at the Corona Capital Festival in November last year.

“I’m extra sparkly today because I thought it might distract you from something else that’s going on,” she said at the time. Then, she opened up her jacket to reveal her baby bump.

From the sound of things, parenthood suits both of them just fine, and enjoying being a new mom and dad in private is something they have every right to enjoy.

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