The best real estate CRM for every budget in 2024

Is the best real estate CRM the one you use or the one you pay the most money for? If you’d asked us 10 years ago, we would have just said, “the one you actually use!”. That was the right answer back then, but with hundreds of options on the market ranging from free to a few thousand dollars per month, is it still the right answer today?

To find out, we reviewed dozens of CRMs to find the best options for every budget. With many real estate CRM platforms promising to solve all your problems, we looked at organization and marketing features, lead generation and nurturing capabilities, user reviews, AI features, integrations, and scalability to find the best CRMs for every real estate professional — whether you’re a brand-new agent or a top-producing team. Following our list of the top contenders, we provide a comprehensive guide to choosing the right CRM for your business.


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Best overall value CRM

Starting from: $25 per month

Though it lacks the seemingly endless integration options that Follow Up Boss offers, we think LionDesk’s video and text emails, extensive library of pre-built email and text campaigns and built-in auto-dialer make LionDesk’s entry-level $25 plan one of the best values in real estate software. Period.

Available upgrades such as their single and multi-line dialers, landing page builder, and Facebook ads tool will delight agents who don’t mind getting their hands dirty prospecting for leads instead of just buying them. Of course, those upgrades come at a price — the single line dialer alone is a $99 upgrade from the base plan — which we can’t help but think was designed to entice agents to step up to the $83 per month CRM Premier package that includes the dialer.

Screenshot Liondesk Facebook ad creation tool
Liondesk’s Facebook ad creation tool

Buying Options

See Details

  • Notable features

    • Integrated video email and texting
    • Pre-built email campaign library
    • Direct mail features
    • Landing page builder (optional upgrade)
    • Single and multi-line dialer (optional upgrades)
    • Basic transaction management
  • Pros + Cons


    • $25 per month base package offers incredible value
    • Pre-built email and text campaigns
    • Video emails and texts
    • Click to call auto-dialer feature available in all packages
    • Easy lead segmentation via tags


    • Auto-dialer is a pricey $99 upgrade from base package
    • AI lead nurturing assistant and Facebook ad creation tool only available in broker package
    • Basic transaction management is nice to have, but most agents already have access to Dotloop or Skyslope.
    • Dashboards are functional and intuitive but could use a design refresh
    • Limited direct integration options
  • Pricing

    • CRM: $25 per month billed annually, $39 per month billed monthly
    • CRM Premier: $38 per month billed annually, $139 per month billed monthly

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Follow Up Boss logo; a real estate CRM or customer relationship management software

Follow Up Boss

Best for integrations and value for money

Starting from: $58 per month

Follow Up Boss has enough organization, nurturing, and marketing features to keep most agents happy without overwhelming them with features they don’t need. Starting at $58 per month, FUB hits the sweet spot between problem-solving and affordability for most agents.

While more expensive platforms offer more advanced marketing, advertising, and lead-nurturing features, Follow Up Boss provides built-in integrations so you can plug in new software as your business grows. Two standout integrations for us were two-way contact sharing with KW Command for Keller Williams agents and our very own Altos Research for data-rich market reports.

As one of the most popular real estate CRMs on the market, there is also a massive community of users to help you solve problems quickly. If there is one thing we would change about Follow Up Boss, we’d add more online lead generation features — but most users rely on other platforms like Zurple, Ylopo or Market Leader to generate leads and then feed them into Follow Up Boss to nurture and close them.

Screenshot Follow Up Boss people dashboard
Follow Up Boss’ “people” dashboard displays tasks, action plans and useful lead data

Buying Options

See Details

  • Notable features

    • Automated and personalized text and email drip campaigns
    • Customized action plans can include personal outreach
    • Smart Lists show task reminders for hot leads
    • Built-in auto-dialer and call-routing features available
    • Tracking and accountability features for team leaders
    • Direct integrations with Ylopo, Mojo, and Agent Legend
    • Team accountability features include leaderboards, call recording, and speed-to-lead analysis
  • Pros + Cons


    • Clear and transparent pricing
    • Excellent organization, nurturing, and marketing features
    • 200+ integrations with popular real estate apps
    • 7 days per week phone and email support
    • Doesn’t overwhelm agents with features like IDX websites


    • Limited online lead generation features
    • No built in AI features
    • Dialer is a $33 upgrade from Grow package
    • Mobile app has limited features
    • Setup help and training only available with Pro packages
  • Pricing

    • Grow: $58 per month
    • Pro: $416 per month for 10 users
    • Platform: $833 per month or 30 users

Wise Agent logo; a real estate CRM or customer relationship management software

Wise Agent

Best for affordable DIY prospecting tools

Starting from: $49 per month

If you’re the kind of agent who wants to prospect and generate leads right from your CRM without spending a ton of money, Wise Agent should be at the top of your list. Starting at $49 per month, Wise Agent packs in prospecting and online lead generation features that other CRMs charge a premium for. You’ll get an auto-dialer right out of the box, tools to create digital and print marketing materials, an AI lead nurturing assistant, and available upgrades such as Facebook ad creation tools and a landing page builder.

While Wise Agent doesn’t offer done-for-you lead generation, they give you the tools you need to prospect and generate online and offline leads without paying for additional software. While their marketing materials won’t win any design awards, the fact that they’re included in a real estate CRM that costs less than $50 a month is a win in our book.

Screenshot Wise Agent text messaging app
Wise Agent’s text messaging app works on any page in the CRM

Buying Options

See Details

  • Notable features

    • Built-in triple-line dialer
    • Facebook ad-building tool (optional upgrade)
    • AI-powered lead nurturing tool
    • AI writing assistant
    • Real estate content library with digital and print marketing materials
    • Landing page builder (optional upgrade)
  • Pros + Cons


    • Excellent DIY lead generation and prospecting tools for the price
    • Library of pre-built email and text drip campaigns
    • Text messaging app works on any page in the CRM
    • Drip campaigns include direct mail marketing
    • Built-in triple line dialer included in base package


    • Text messaging only available via upgrade
    • Can only run one landing page at a time – additional landing pages are $5 per month per page
    • Design quality of newsletters and print marketing materials is low
  • Pricing

    • CRM: $49 per month billed monthly, $41.50 per month billed annually
    • Additional team members: $20 per month
    • Enterprise: Call for pricing

Top Producer logo; a real estate CRM or customer relationship management software

Top Producer

Best for done-for-you lead generation and nurturing

Staring from: $129 per month

Founded in 1982 and reimagined in their X upgrade in 2019, Top Producer might just be the most well-known CRM in real estate. Top Producer offers agents and teams a powerful suite of lead generation and nurturing tools at a surprisingly affordable price. Top Producer is an excellent choice if you want a CRM that generates leads and nurtures them for you on auto-pilot.

Instead of relying on integrations, Top Producer offers agents a la carte solutions that include automated market reports, done-for-you lead generation, IDX websites, predictive analytics-driven seller lead generation, and an intuitive CRM platform to nurture leads.

Screenshot Top Producer well-organized dashboard
Top Producer’s well-organized and intuitive dashboard is a delight to use

Buying Options

See Details

  • Notable features

    • Done-for-you buyer and seller lead generation
    • Custom-branded market reports
    • Well organized and intuitive dashboard
    • CRM pulls and updates headshots, job titles, career changes, and more from lead’s social media accounts
    • Property insights feature includes a photo of the home your lead inquired about in their profile
    • Automated home valuation landing pages (available upgrade)
    • Market Snapshot reports
  • Pros + Cons


    • Done-for-you buyer and seller lead generation
    • Market Snapshot reports are perfect for lead nurturing
    • Smart Targeting predictive analytics tool generates seller leads (available upgrade)
    • Lead profiles include headshots and data from their social media accounts


    • No auto-dialer included
    • No pre-built drip campaign library
    • High monthly cost compared to other CRMs
    • Smart Targeting predictive analytics tool is affordable, but not as sophisticated as Offrs or Smartzip
    • Most Social Connect leads are top-of-funnel and unlikely to transact soon
    • Limited direct integrations with other real estate apps
    • FiveStreet auto-responders and lead routing features are a $25 upgrade
  • Pricing

    • Pro: $129 per month
    • Pro + Leads: starting at $429 per month depending on lead volume
    • Pro + Farming: starting at $399 per month depending on farm size
    • Pro Teams 5: $299 per month for five users
    • Pro Teams 10: $499 per month for 10 users
    • Pro Teams 25: $999 per month for 25 users
    • Top Producer Website: $35 per month
    • FiveStreet: $25 per month

Logo Ylopo


Best for AI-powered lead generation and nurturing

Starting from: $395 per month

Almost five years ago, Ylopo made a massive bet that AI technology would change the way real estate agents generated, nurtured, and closed leads. Today, that bet is paying off, and software companies ten times their size are scrambling to catch up. Much more than a simple CRM with an AI chatbot tacked on, Ylopo embedded up-to-the-minute AI technology into the very core of their platform with a single purpose — to make generating and nurturing leads easier, faster, and far more efficient.

Here’s how it works: With a focus on generating buy/sell leads, Ylopo uses AI-driven and fully automated online ads to target leads at the neighborhood level and below. Once those leads are captured, Ylopo’s AI text and voice assistants take over to convert and nurture them at a reported 48% response rate. From there, the leads are retargeted on Facebook with ads that change based on the user’s behavior.

The only caveat is that Ylopo was not designed to replace your CRM. It’s a purpose-built tool for generating, converting, and nurturing leads — three tasks many real estate CRMs fail at. If you want a CRM that helps you organize your showing calendar or cold-call FSBOs, Ylopo offers direct integrations with popular CRMs such as Follow Up Boss and Liondesk.

Screenshot Ylopo Mission Control dashboard
Ylopo’s “Mission Control” dashboard

Buying Options

See Details

  • Notable features

    • Ylopo AI Text: AI texting assistant trained on over 25 million text conversations with real estate agents to convert and nurture leads
    • Ylopo AI Voice: The industry’s first AI voice calling assistant that can automatically call and convert leads with no agent interaction
    • DyVa dynamic video ads: Automatically generates video ads from MLS listings for open houses, just listed, and branding ads
    • Dynamic remarketing: engages cold leads on Facebook with dynamic ads that change based on the lead’s behavior
    • Custom seller reports and cash offers to generate seller leads
    • Google Business Profiles and Local Service Ads
    • Highly customizable IDX websites
    • Dynamic lead registration can identify buyers who also need to sell (buy/sell leads)
  • Pros + Cons


    • The most advanced AI-powered lead generation and nurturing platform in the industry
    • Automatically generates video ads to advertise MLS listings on Meta
    • Dynamic remarketing engages cold leads on Facebook based on their behavior
    • The platform focuses on generating listing leads from buyers (buy/sell leads)
    • Daily training and coaching webinars from top-producing agents and tech experts


    • Learning curve can be steep for non-tech-savvy agents
    • No integrated auto-dialer or offline marketing tools
    • AI text and voice assistants might put ISAs and admins out of work.
  • Pricing

    Ylopo starts at $395 per month and can vary widely based on ad spend. Most Ylopo users.



Best all-in-one real estate CRM platform for teams

Starting from: $299 per month

Real Geeks offers a dynamic real estate CRM and fully integrated IDX website platform at a more affordable starting price than competitors like kvCORE, CINC, and Boomtown. Its CRM offers real-time client activity monitoring, advanced search filtering, immediate notifications, and social profile integration — all designed to enhance agent productivity. The Real Geeks CRM was developed using almost two decades of industry research and customer feedback since the company’s founding in 2007. With its full array of organizational and marketing tools including an IDX website, Estate IQ home valuation tool, AI chatbot, Facebook ad creation tool and more, Real Geeks CRM platform can be a game changer for solo agents and small teams.

Screenshot Real Geeks Estate IQ home valuation tool
Real Geeks’ Estate IQ home valuation tool

Buying Options

See Details

  • Notable features

    • Customizable to optimize real estate workflows
    • Real-time activity monitoring for immediate lead engagement
    • Comprehensive lead filtering options
    • Integrated notifications for prompt follow-ups
    • Social media integration for enhanced lead understanding and engagement
  • Pros + Cons


    • Live feed feature allows agents to monitor real-time activity, identifying active leads for timely contact and outreach
    • Advanced search filtering based on various criteria, including user behavior and geographic areas, for targeted follow-ups
    • Immediate email and SMS notifications when leads enter the system, enabling quick response
    • Automatic discovery of leads’ social profiles, aiding in more personalized engagement


    • AI-created SEO content might not rank well on search engines
    • IDX websites are not as sleek as higher-priced competitors
  • Pricing

    • Establish: $299 per month (12-month contract), $499 per month (six-month contract)
    • Grow: $599 per month (12-month contract), $799 per month (six-month contract)
    • Expand: $999 per month (12-month contract), $1,299 (six-month contact)
    • Conquer: $1,599 per month (12-month contract), $1,899 (six-month contract)


Hubspot Sales Hub

Best free CRM for new agents

Starting from: Free

If you’re just looking for a bare-bones CRM to organize your leads, track your deals, and send bulk emails, Hubspot’s free CRM is hard to beat. There are, of course, significant limitations, but if you’re a brand new agent who finds themself choosing between paying rent and shelling out $25 a month for LionDesk — our best overall value CRM — Hubspot’s free CRM is better than no CRM at all — as long as you actually use it. There, I said it.

The free version allows you to create custom fields to segment your leads, send bulk emails (with a catch), create one custom sales pipeline to track your deals, create up to five email templates, and even create basic landing pages using Hubspot’s drag-and-drop editor. The catch? All of your emails and chats will have “powered by Hubspot” in the footer, and upgrading to a paid plan is simply not worth the money when LionDesk can be had for $12 more per month.

Screenshot Hubspot free Sales Hub
Hubspot’s free Sales Hub is a better choice than other budget CRMs

Buying Options

See Details

  • Notable features

    • Zero cost CRM
    • Mobile app
    • Email reply tracking
    • Customizable fields
    • List segmentation
    • Facebook Messenger Integration
    • Basic Facebook ad management
    • AI blog post generator
  • Pros + Cons


    • Free
    • Basic lead segmentation and organization tools
    • Bulk email sending (with a catch)
    • Email templates (with a catch)


    • Emails are branded with “powered by Hubspot”
    • Cannot call leads from the CRM
    • Very limited integrations with real estate apps
    • No drip campaigns
    • No texting features
    • No AI features
    • No email or text campaign libraries
    • No ad creation or marketing tools
  • Pricing

    Hubspot’s entry-level package is free. Upgrades start at $20 per month, but we don’t recommend them for agents when there are real-estate specific options like LionDesk for just $25 per month.

How to choose the right CRM for your real estate business 

A good CRM will help you stay organized enough to nurture your leads and keep your deals from going off the rails. A great real estate CRM will do all that and help you market and grow your business two years from now.

To help you find that diamond in the rough that can solve your current and future problems, here are the five most important things we think you should consider when choosing a CRM:

  • 1. Integrations: It should work with the tools you’re already using

    At a bare minimum, your CRM should work with the tools you’re currently using. Replacing all the different software you use with one Swiss army knife platform might sound appealing, but it can also create more problems than it solves. For example, many CRMs include IDX websites. What happens when you want to replace your website but still want to use your CRM? This is why we recommend starting slow and finding a CRM that works with your existing tools.

  • 2. Scalability: It should grow as your business grows

    If you’re a new agent or even an experienced buyer’s agent trying to become a listing agent, your CRM needs to be able to grow as your business grows. Here’s why: while switching CRMs is easier than it was in the past, you will still have to learn an entirely new platform. That means you’ll be spending more of your time learning software and less time closing deals. If you have an opportunity to stop spreading yourself thin, why not take it?

  • 3. Features: They should solve today’s (and tomorrow’s) problems

    Your CRM should also have the features you need to make your business run smoother, not just today, but down the road. While you can (and should) consider affordable platforms that allow you to plug into other tools via integrations, at a bare minimum, your new CRM should have enough features to solve your current problems. Here are a few to consider:

    • Organization features: Easy and intuitive lead segmentation, custom workflows, click-to-call features, daily task reminders, daily hot sheets, basic transaction management
    • Marketing features: Direct mail marketing, social media marketing, and IDX websites
    • Prospecting features: Auto-dialers, PPC ad builders, automated home valuations, done-for-you lead generation
    • Lead nurturing features: Email and text drip campaigns, AI chatbots, automated market reports
    • AI features: AI text messaging assistants, AI writing assistants
  • 4. Stability: It needs to work 24/7 with no bugs

    This might sound obvious, but your CRM needs to work when you need it to. Slow, buggy interfaces or outages mean wasted time, slower speed to lead, and maybe even lost deals. No software is 100% bug-free, but at a minimum, the company that makes your CRM should have a dedicated and competent team making it work 24/7 and ensuring problems are dealt with quickly.

  • 5. Community: More users = more ideas to solve problems

    Finally, your CRM should have enough customers nationwide to make troubleshooting and finding new ways to use it easy. The more users your CRM has, the faster you’ll get answers to your questions and discover new ways to use it to close more deals.

Best real estate CRM: FAQs

  • Should I use the CRM my brokerage provides?

    The short answer? Maybe. If you’re on a team and they’re offering access to a high-end, third-party CRM platform like Boomtown, then it would be foolish to pass up the opportunity. Teams and brokerages often get significant discounts on software, so you’ll have access to expensive tools for free.

    But if you’re working at a brokerage that uses an in-house CRM platform like KW Command, you might want to consider getting your own CRM. Here’s why: when you decide to switch brokerages, it might be difficult to bring your leads and all the data and segmenting you have for them to your new brokerage. If you leave on bad terms, you might not get it at all. Purchasing your own real estate CRM, even a cheap one, allows you to own your leads and data.

  • Can’t I just use a cheap or free non-real estate CRM like Pipedrive or Hubspot?

    While we generally don’t recommend trying to save a few dollars a month by using a CRM that isn’t designed for real estate agents, our answer to this question remains the same as it was 10 years ago: even a bad CRM is better than no CRM!

    Generic sales CRMs like Hubspot or Pipedrive may be cheap or even free, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. While these CRMs might work in a pinch to keep you organized, you’ll need to upgrade to paid versions to get the very basic features you’ll need for real estate.

    For example, the $14 per month, entry-level plan for Pipedrive doesn’t even include basic email drip campaigns. For that, you’ll need to shell out an eye-watering $29 a month — that’s more expensive than LionDesk, a full-featured real estate CRM that includes pre-built email and text drip campaigns.

Our methodology: How we chose the best real estate CRM for every budget

Since 2006, HousingWire has been the real estate industry’s go-to resource for getting the full picture of the always mercurial U.S. housing market. Vetted by HousingWire’s resident expert agents, brokers, and coaches offer in-the-trenches insights into the latest technology and business strategies for real estate professionals.

To determine the best CRM for real estate agents at every price point and budget, we analyzed dozens of real estate CRM platforms, viewed countless demos, and consulted with licensed agents and brokers on our team. We also brought our combined experienced as licensed agents to bear on our choices. We weighed each product’s pros and cons alongside quantitative and qualitative data like pricing, notable features, ease of use, return on investment, client support, and customer reviews.

We crawled the web so you don’t have to, analyzing a wide sampling of reviews across social media, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and online discussion forums.

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