The New Shows & Movies Our Editors Are Watching in February

Want to stay in and watch a show? Me too. I used to get excited to dress up and stay out late, but I won’t lie to you: Those days are over. Instead, streaming what’s new is now my idea of a good time. Heck, I even mark release dates in my calendar. What can I say? I love being a homebody.

With all of the streaming services now, it can be hard to keep up with what to watch and where to watch it. But, this month, the lineups are so good that you will want to ensure you have access to all of the platforms—or at least your friend’s passwords. These shows and movies are about to be the topic of conversation in The Everygirl’s #watercooler Slack channel, and I’ll be damned if I miss out on that.

Cancel your plans and get comfortable because it’s time to hit “Play.” Without further ado, here are some of the most anticipated shows and movies that are new on streaming this month.


Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All

Taylor Tomlinson is comedy’s it-girl, so naturally, we are very excited for her to return with yet another Netflix special, Have It All. Her self-deprecating humor is as endearing yet lighthearted as ever, and her professionalism shines. Plus, she’s absolutely hilarious as she talks through the complications of having your dream job, finding the perfect partner, and anxiety and insomnia.

Stream on Netflix Starting Feb. 13
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‘Tis the season for rom-coms on streaming, and Netflix understood the assignment with Players. Mack is a successful sportswriter in New York City, and she’s devised some seriously effective pickup strategies that she puts to use at the bar with her two best friends. However, when she suddenly falls for one of her targets, Mack has to work with an entirely new strategy when she’s playing for keeps. From beginning to end, this film shows that dating is totally a team sport.

Stream on Netflix Starting Feb. 14
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Highly anticipated after the classic animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender series regained popularity during the pandemic, this live-action television adaptation of the original series is sure to be fun for all ages. A young boy, Aang, has been trapped in ice for one hundred years. When the ice is broken, he realizes that he has the powers of the Avatar and must learn to master all four elements of fire, earth, air, and water.

Stream on Netflix Starting Feb. 22
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Mea Culpa

In a new thriller from Tyler Perry, a criminal defense attorney takes on the case of a seductive artist who has been accused of murdering his girlfriend. As Mea gets to know her new client and attempts to defend him, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to this supposed killer. The deeper she gets into the case and the romance, the less clear it becomes who is in control.

Stream on Netflix Starting Feb. 23


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Genius: MLK/X

This National Geographic historical series focuses on two figures at once for the first time: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. The series explores the lives and goals of both men in the fight for racial justice in the 1960s in America and their two different approaches. From King’s nonviolent perspective to X’s perspective that justice should be achieved by any means necessary, the two are often contrasted in American history when, in fact, their mission was the same.

Stream on Hulu Starting Feb. 2
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A teenage girl, Doris, must take care of her younger brother alongside her audacious and overbearing single mother, all while navigating the complicated ins and outs of high school. When her mother decides to start sleeping at the care facility with her brother, Doris rebels and hosts a party at her house. What follows is an exploration of what it means to come of age when you are also a caretaker.

Stream on Hulu Starting Feb. 9
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Life & Beth, Season 2

In the first season of Life & Beth, Amy Schumer stars as a seemingly successful woman with a solid career and a long-term relationship who completely reevaluates her life. In season two, she marries her fiancé, searches for answers as they navigate rifts in their relationship, and experiences the challenges of pregnancy for the first time. As hilarious as it is heartwarming, this is definitely one of those comfort shows.

Stream on Hulu Starting Feb. 16

Amazon Prime

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith

In this television adaptation of the 2005 film starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith are played by Donald Glover and Maya Erskine. In this version, the two play spies who are fully aware of one another’s occupations and must pretend to be a couple for the sake of their mission. Part comedy, part thriller, part romance, with a star-studded cast, we’re definitely adding this one to our must-watch lists.

Stream on Prime Starting Feb. 2
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Slowly but surely, Camila Mendes is becoming a rom-com queen. In Upgraded, she stars as an aspiring art gallerist who is stressed out by her extremely uptight boss. When she has to fly to London for work, she is unexpectedly upgraded to first class, she pretends to be someone else to a handsome stranger on the plane, and she finds herself with unexpected career and romance opportunities.

Stream on Prime Starting Feb. 9
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This Is Me…Now: A Love Story

This Is Me…Now is unlike anything you’ve ever seen from Jennifer Lopez. Dropping in tandem with her first studio album in a decade, this dramatic musical romance retells JLo’s love story through her own eyes. With a cast that does, in fact, include Ben Affleck—and Trevor Noah, and Kim Petras, and Sofía Vergara, and Keke Palmer, and Jay Shetty—this is a story of personal healing.

Stream on Prime Starting Feb. 16

Apple TV+

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The New Look

The New Look is a dramatic series that follows designer Christian Dior as he goes up against his rival, Coco Chanel, in the midst of WWII. The series chronicles the ways in which French fashion shifted and, in turn, shifted the world at the end of the war.

Stream on AppleTV+ Starting Feb. 14
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A psychological thriller, Constellation follows a lone astronaut who makes the heroic journey back to Earth after a tragic accident occurs at the international space station. When she returns, she is horrified to discover that key pieces of her life, including the daughter she left behind, have changed significantly.

Stream on AppleTV+ Starting Feb. 21


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Chasing Flavor with Carla Hall

In this food series from HBO Max, celebrity chef Carla Hall uncovers the global roots of some of the most iconic American dishes. To do so, she travels across the country and the world, meeting the generations of families who have kept their cuisine alive and brought it to modern mainstream American culture.

Stream on Max Starting Feb. 1
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Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 2

Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm has been airing for decades, which is why this 12th and final season is sure to be an impressive closeout. With the tagline “Don’t be mad that he’s leaving, be mad that he stayed so long,” this season is slated to be a hilarious ending to a beloved show.

Stream on Max Starting Feb. 4

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