This Christmas garland hack is perfect for anyone who hates Command strips and power tools

Now that Halloween is behind us, the time for Christmas decorating is right around the corner (and if you’re already putting up some festive decor, we won’t tell anyone). And if you want to dress up the doorways in your home with some truly magical looking holiday garlands — without causing any long-lasting damage — you need to see this incredible decorating hack, courtesy of TikTok (because where else would we be finding all the most genius ideas for making our homes look like literal winter wonderlands?).

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This hack comes to us from @thekwendyhome, who notes that it’s perfect for renters (or anyone else who doesn’t want to put holes in their walls). The secret is to use a shower curtain rod that uses tension to stay in place. Simply twist the rod to tighten it in place in the doorway you want to decorate, and you’re off to the races.

@thekwendyhome Here’s a Christmas decorating hack for you! Damage free garland hanging with a shower curtain rod! I had to try it for myself after seeing @Letneeutro do it! I took the shower curtain from our guest bathroom and tested this out for myself. It has held up really well! I even put my heavy Norfolk pine garlands on and it didn’t budge. This is perfect for renters and those who don’t want to put nails in their walls. And an added bonus is that you don’t get a crick in your neck or get tired arms from decorating I linked everything on my LTK in my bio. Now go forth and deck those halls. #deckthehalls #christmasdecorating #christmas #christmas2023 #christmasdecor #decorhack #decorhacks #christmashack #christmashacks #garland #christmasgarland #christmasgarlandhack #homedecor #damagefreedecor #rentalfriendlydecor ♬ Twinkling Lights (Reimagined) – Auni

Then, you can drape and wrap your garland around the shower curtain rod. @thekwendyhome recommends using two strands of garland for an extra full look (and don’t forget to fluff them, especially if they’ve been smushed in a storage bin since last Christmas). 

To make your entryway display look even more magical, weave a strand of twinkle lights through the garland before sliding it up to the top of the doorway. Finish the look by adding some ornaments or pieces of accent garland to really make it look straight out of a Better Homes and Gardens centerfold. 

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Then, as she says, “Turn on your twinkle lights and enjoy the magic.” And this hack does look magical. The twinkle lights will be a hit if you have young kids. Plus, the whole thing came together in about five minutes. Does it get any better than that?

Now go forth and deck those halls.

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