Upcoming beauty webinar highlights ingredient formulation trends to watch in 2024

Over the past few years, tried-and-true ingredients like niacinamide have seen a resurgence in popularity, while others have seen a decline in product formulations. This year, marine-derived ingredients, fermented beauty options, and others are piquing consumer interest with manufacturers and suppliers looking to better meet consumer demand.

In this free webinar, CosmeticsDesign will explore the topic of ingredient trends from multiple perspectives by turning to a panel of industry experts to examine the current state of the cosmetics and personal care industries by establishing an in-depth understanding of the average beauty consumer.

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Clare Hennigan, Principal Analyst at global market intelligence agency Mintel, told CosmeticsDesign that viewers will gain insights into the demand for sustainable or eco-friendly ingredients, as well as familiar bioactives and multifunctional options for a more minimalist routine in her data-driven presentation.

“‘Skin minimalism’ will converge with the ‘quiet beauty’ trend, which will see consumers turn their attention to the quality of ingredients used.

When we asked US consumers what would encourage them to buy a beauty/grooming product at full price rather than at a discounted price, 44% of adults cited ‘high quality ingredients’,​ beat only by a product that offered ‘long-lasting results’, which appealed to 51%.

As the facial skincare category becomes more saturated with products calling out hero actives, brands need to find other ways to stand out.  Ingredient efficacy can instead become a focus, especially for premium brands that in the midst of ‘dupe culture’ need to demonstrate their value.”

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