Vehicles In Video expand product offering with VIV Media

Vehicles In Video has launched VIV Media, allowing dealers to create their own digital showroom. 

Edinburgh based Vehicles In Video has been servicing the automotive sector with its current video sales response application – Vehicles In Video – which allows sales executives to respond to inbound leads through video in almost real time.

The success of the sales application has now led to the launch of VIV Media which delivers the second part of the business’s ambitious product suite to complement VIV Sales.

Matt Maley, CEO of Vehicles In Video, said: “It’s an exciting time for the company. We have been working closely with our partners over the past 16 months, our information kept telling us two things, that integration across internal platforms and providing ease of use with a single access point was vital. The other was cost.

“The concept of migrating the digital upload process (VIV Media) with (VIV Sales) aligns well for us as we utilise each product to enhance both platforms & offer a cost effective proposition that allows dealers a streamlined and professional front end process all in one place.

“The continued backing and trust from our investors has allowed us to make this happen. I couldn’t be more thankful,” added Maley, who is now in his third year with the company which started trading in 2020. 

Danny Cooksey, founder of Vehicles In Video, said: “Having already created a vehicle showroom in the app, it made sense that our progression should also allow dealers to create a digital showroom by captivating images in a uniformed & consistent style and offering background replacement whilst pushing to third party sources. 

“Having all this information across both platforms will lead to further enhancement in simplifying the full video response process internally which we aim to introduce in the very near future.”

Pictured: Danny Cooksey with Matt Maley

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