Viral TikTok shows all the layers a C-section has to go through—and how they’re cut

Did you know that April was C-section Awareness Month? If you didn’t, now you do. And on the last day of the month, a viral TikTok video is here to teach you about what actually happens during a C-section — specifically, everything the doctors have to cut through to reach the baby, and how they do it.

The video was created and posted by Mama Nurse Tina, a labor and delivery nurse who shares all kinds of educational info on her page. In this video, she invites viewers to “go through the layers of a C-section,” which is equal parts informative and, frankly, kind of mind-blowing.

“People are sometimes surprised to find out how much is actually involved in a c-section birth,” she wrote in the caption, and after seeing this video, we’re not surprised by that.

“The first layer that’s going to be cut through is, of course, the skin,” she says, as she shows the skin layer of her model. “Now, this incision is usually made horizontally, though it can be made vertically in an emergency.”

She continued, “Then you’ll find adipose tissue, otherwise known as the fat layer. This is also cut horizontally.”

Next up: “After the fat comes the fascia,” she says. “This is a tough, fibrous, connective tissue. It’s found all throughout the body. It’s cut horizontally.”

Next are muscles, which Tina explains “aren’t actually cut open during a C-section — they are actually pulled apart vertically.” 

She continues, “After that, they come to the peritoneum. This layer is see-through. It’s quite thin, and it’s actually a membrane that lines the abdominal cavity and they cut it vertically.” 

Finally, at this stage, the uterus comes into view, but the doctor can’t cut into it just yet.

“In the way of the uterus is your bladder, and they don’t want to risk injuring your bladder during surgery, so it’s actually pulled out of the way with a protective device,” Tina explains. “With that out of the way, they can finally cut into the uterus. Now, this incision is usually done horizontally as well, but in an emergency, they can cut it vertically to gain access to baby quicker.” 

Finally, she continues, “And then it’s time to actually see baby, because all that’s left is the amniotic sac. This can be cut open, it can be pulled open. It’s not staying in the body and it’s not getting repaired.”

She ends her video, “So there you go! As you can see, this is not, by any means, a simple surgery. There are actually seven layers to get to your baby.”

Seven. Layers.

Next time anyone in your life implies that a C-section is a simple or easy surgery, pull this video right out to show them.

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