Volkswagen invests in tools to help first time EV buyers

Volkswagen is enhancing its website with a series of online tools aimed squarely at those considering their first electric vehicle (EV, plus a new library of bite-sized videos for VW drivers who use YouTube.

It said it wants to make life easier for its customers.

Three new e-mobility tools are now live on the Volkswagen website to help those considering their first EV. They provide instant data on range, charging times and running costs, model by model, and according to each person’s own driving profile. Visitors simply select their model, trim and battery size, then use on-screen sliders to adjust factors such as weather, driving style and charging locations to see instantly how owning an electric vehicle compares with petrol and diesel alternatives.

The videos on YouTube offer bite-sized advice and address many points Volkswagen customers say they would like to know more about, without technical jargon, to explain everyday conundrums such as understanding driver assistance systems, using the radio, adjusting vehicle settings and charging.

There’s also a ‘how to’ playlist that covers the wider Volkswagen range and includes a selection of light-hearted tips and tricks.

More videos are in the pipeline to include other models and more diverse topics.

“We hope our new website tools – and the videos on YouTube – take the guesswork out of people’s buying decisions and answer common questions among existing customers,” said Sarah Cox, head of marketing at Volkswagen UK.

“Prospective EV customers in particular have lots of factors to consider when selecting their first electric car, which is why we developed e-mobility tools to help them understand the day-to-day costs and practicalities of owning an electric Volkswagen.”

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