Westdrive reopens Braintree after latest Kia brand update

Westdrive has completed an update for its Braintree location to bring the dealership up-to-date with Kia’s latest corporate identity (CI) standards.

The dealership remained open for business during the refit and the Braintree location is particularly notable as its a two-storey version of this new brand identity.

Kia’s new CI was introduced at the start of 2021, featuring a new logo that has been designed to reflect its position “as a leader in electrification”.

Now, as part of its rebranding, Kia designed the ‘Kia Store’ to revolutionise the look and feel of dealerships and embrace a” bold, warm and natural customer experience”. 

Two zones now separate the showroom, consisting of a ‘customer zone’ featuring wood accents and comfy seating areas and a ‘display zone’, showcasing the latest Kia models.

These two main areas are divided by a red thin lighting feature, which runs floor to ceiling to visually separate the zones.

In addition to the new-look showroom, the Kia ‘Showcase’ interactive system offers customers an opportunity to take an in-depth virtual tour of any Kia model. 

Showcase allows customers to experience a car’s different grades and colours via a 360-degree configurator.

Customers can view a car from every angle, open the doors to explore the interior and even add key accessories.

In addition, Showcase includes a video library introducing and explaining some of the more detailed in-vehicle technologies, including Kia’s electrified powertrains.

Jason Westwood, managing director at Westdrive, said: “Having been partners with Kia for over 27 years this is a once-in-a-generation refit that truly showcases the Kia brand for our customers.

“We’re delighted with the transformation, which ushers in a new era for Kia and Westdrive. I can honestly say that our showroom has never looked better and neither have the cars.”

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