What’s coming next? Forecasting the future of tech-based beauty

Bespoke products & deeper discovery

Canvas 8’s beauty expert Anita Bhagwandas said:

“Personalisation within the beauty and skincare industry will ramp up in the coming year, particularly with the advancement of AI. Consumers seeking tailored products will be key. This could become widespread that consumers can go into a shop and have a bespoke foundation made for them – especially if it’s reasonably priced and accessible. The knock-on effect of this could be that people would buy a little bit less and buy better, which we’re seeing as people become more aware of fast beauty.

However, there are concerns about the potential losses that could come from increased personalisation, especially concerning AI. Every time we have an advancement in technology, we rush into it and then forget what might be lost or what the cost will be. This will be considered more heavily within the beauty space, along with retaining human interaction within the beauty industry as it develops.

The amalgamation of beauty and technology is also primed to shift gears in 2024 – and it’s a conversation that has everyone talking. Given that 42% of beauty consumers across China, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and the US say that they enjoy trying new brands, the hyper-personalisation engendered by AI-driven experiences is set to fuel deeper discovery within existing product lines and vital in maintaining loyalty in the future. Charlotte Tilbury, for example, is using AI to shade match and AR to overlay virtual products on faces, while Elizabeth Arden is using generative AI to build a new virtual store.”

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